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Metallic Northland Metallic Northland

Rated 2 / 5 stars

For a Mouse work this is really good. The next step for you would be upgrading your gear to a tablet. There are lots on the market for a good price and everything with pressure sensitivity is better than a mouse.
I feel that you have some very nice ideas and potential so don't let your gear hold you back!
As for now you can start with cleaning up your black lines. It has some charme to have multiple lines - if they have purpose!
Example: Santas coat. Makes it more rough and like its been through some stuff.
Bad example: Santas face. Get those helper lines out of the face! It just makes your picture look "not done yet"
Looking forward to some more art from you!

Redeemer000 responds:

Thanks for the tip. Yes i agree it is not done and it was a little bit rushes. I saved the sketchy line work because i'm not good at color blending and either with depth, shading, light, perspective... I still need much much training.
The only technique i used for blending is basic wet brushes to get minimal blending effect, and other basic brushes. I had to constantly regulate opacity manually. it's possible to do very good paintings with mouse but it will require twice or even more the effort, skill and knowledge is also important.

Epic Santa- Into The Wild Epic Santa- Into The Wild

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Practice makes perfect!
I used to not colour my pieces too, but now i regret the time i did not use to practice.
Keep drawing and experimenting and it will get better over time :)

Paranoia Paranoia

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really like it - but it could use a little less blur.
Like i said on the other Image - love the messy style <3